Kibuli is regarded as the home for Muslims in Uganda.
Visiting hours:8:00-6:00 Monday- Friday,9:00-3:00, Saturday,9:00-2:00 Sunday
Distance from Capital City: 3Km
Opening hours: 5:00 – 8:00 Monday- Friday
Telephone: +256 (0)704 621930

Sorrounded by the serenity of the palm trees, this beautiful structure atop of Kibuli Hill is the centre of Islamic faith in Kampala.

Kibuli is regarded as the home for Muslims. A Buganda royal and colonial collaborator Prince Badru Kakungulu owned most of the hill. He donated the land atop the 3,973 feet hill where the Kibuli mosque and hospital stand today. These are the main landmarks of the hill.

Other notable features on this hill are the police headquarters and training school, several secondary schools and a teacher training collage, Kibuli Moslem Hospital, Islamic University of Uganda. At the base of the hill are the old Industrial Area, the oil depots of the major oil companies Shell, Total, the railway line.

Its located on Kubuli hill, South of the city neighboured by Muyenya hill in the south next to Kibuli Moslem Hospital.

One can board a taxi(Matatu) from the Old or New Taxi parks that is heading to Kibuli. This will cost you approximately Ush1,500 or less. On the hand, take a taxi up to the Jinja Rd traffic lights (Electral Commission Head Quarters), then take a bodaboda (Motor bike taxi) up to the mosque.This will cost you about Ush3,000.