You might have gone through a myriad of beautiful photos from the pearl of Africa Uganda. Once again we realize that the country has some diverse wildlife and many scenic landscapes to visit on a safari. Many of these photos never shared before and to share is to care right? Here are some great photos that inspire you to take a safari to Uganda. Even the Pope Francis visited the country in 2015 so what are you waiting for?

Winston Churchill in 1902 called Uganda the pearl of Africa. Most of the country is untouched landscapes such as the permanent glaciers on Rwenzori Mountains, ancient tropical forests, vast expanse of savannah, largest fresh water bodies, River Nile, the longest in the world, beautiful waterfalls, and Virunga volcanoes. Uganda is a perfect place for any adventure traveler. Visitors can trek the mountain gorillas, hike massive volcanic mountains, raft the Nile rapids boat cruise or relax on tropical beaches of Sesse islands in Lake Victoria, the2nd largest fresh water lake in the world.

Kampala City Festival

Every year Uganda hosts a massive full day festival called the “Kampala City Festival”, which has become a premier showcase for Uganda’s culture on the world scene and changing facets of the capital Kampala. The 2017 Kampala City Festival will happen on 08th, Sunday October 2017. It is the biggest street party in east African. It’s more big fun to be with Ugandans celebrating their lifestyles. Get immersed into the traditional and modern day culture of Uganda.

Wonder through plenty of beautiful streets witness live sensational artists with entertaining genres, actors, comedians, and energetic dancers from different tribes such as Baganda, Banyankole, Bagisu and Acholi, with their colorful costumes as they spin, flip, whirl and roll in air. Enjoy a taste of Uganda’s local food like Rolex, luwombo, roasted meat and variety of beer. Lets count down together to make Kampala city festival experience colorful.

The beauty of Sesse Island tropical beaches

If you’re on a safari in Uganda looking for paradise you should visit the place. Sesse islands made up of 84 islands in the middle of Lake Vitoria. Bulago islands are the most beautiful with white sand beaches, blue waters, warn sun. You’ll find accommodation with internet, campfire, electricity and things to like swimming, sunset boat cruise, biking, birding, visiting fishing villages. That’s to spice up your relaxing holiday vacation and Bulago islands can be reached by boat from Entebbe taking 2 hours. The place is just close to Entebbe international airport

The Snow capped Rwenzori Mountains

You can travel to Rwenzori mountains national park and climb the 3rd tallest mountain in Africa. Mt. Rwenzori sometimes called mountains of the moon is so beautiful filled with glacial lakes, fast flowing rivers, and giant snow caps only 20 miles from the equator. You can hike through all five types of vegetation with rare plants like everlasting flowers and green moss that exists in Iceland. So you’ll never miss to spot rare and endemic wildlife including big mammals, primates such as Rwenzori colobus monkey, chimpanzee and birds like Rwenzori turaco which made Rwenzori mountains national park designated as UNESCO world heritage site in 1994.

Baby Mountain Gorillas

Uganda is famous for its 400 which is half of the world’s mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi impenetrable Forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla National park. Visitors who book a gorilla permit and go for gorilla trekking safari are guaranteed to see and take photos of some of the 15 gorilla families in their natural wild that have been habituated for tourists to trek. You’ll spend 1 hour with giant silverbacks, see cute baby gorillas on their mother’s as they feed, play and groom each other. Many travelers say gorilla trekking is a life changing wildlife experience like no other in the world.

Golden monkeys

Look at those beautiful primates, golden monkeys are beautiful to behold. They look strange with their divided attention that they never seem to settle but to swing swiftly among the bamboo forest. Two groups of more than 60 individuals have been habituated by Uganda wildlife authority in Mgahinga gorilla national park southwestern Uganda. If you visit Mgahinga gorilla national park don’t miss golden monkey tracking and more things to do in the park including volcano climbing, camping, birding and cultural encounters with BaTwa pygmies, the descendants of the ancient forest warrior hunter gathers.

Tree Climbing Lions

Tree climbing lions in Uganda are found in Ishasha southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. Even though seeing these big cats on a game drive is the main highlight of any safari to the park, there’s much more to see and do. The Mweya peninsula, the crater lakes trail, bush camping experience at Edward flats, boat cruise along the kazinga channel connecting lakes rift valley lakes of George and Edward would get you close to hippos, crocodiles and over 600 species. The park is historical; the queen of England visited the park in 1952, from where the park got its name.

Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzees share 98.7 of their DNA with humans which makes the close relatives to man. And seeing them display human instincts is fascinating. Uganda is home to 5,000 chimpanzees and the best place to see them is Kibale forest national park. This tropical rainforest also called primate capital of the world survived the ice age 25000 years ago providing home to 13 species of primates, large mammals and over 300 birds.

Lake Bunyonyi, the cleanest lake in Africa

This lava dammed lake Bunyonyi is nestled between terraced rolling Kigezi highlands, the panoramic views of its 19 islands are just out of this world. Lake Bunyonyi is an amazing place to relax, chill and go for swimming safari. The water is fresh, clean, and warm without crocodiles, hippos or bilharzias infections. You can spot lost of over 100 birds, otters and Cray fish, go hiking, visit school children, rural villages and engage with locals in their activities such as local food preparing and craft making. Although, fishing is not commercial because the lake is the deepest in Africa (900 meters) with unfavorable depth for large fish to thrive, visitors can still feast on fresh Cray fish along with delicious food, fruits and veggies served on menu in many of the lakeside accommodation such as Lake Bunyonyi overland resort.

Murchison Falls, the strongest waterfalls in Africa

Just a short 4 hours drive from Kampala city is the famous Murchison Falls, visit them on your safari to Murchison falls national park. There are thousands of waterfalls throughout Uganda, Sipi falls near mountain Elgon national park for example but none of them can beat Murchison Falls. Their metaphor is as strong as the waters of the Nile River falls over 45 meter cliff plunging into 8 meter deep gorge called the devil’s cauldron to create a trade mark rainbow. Visitors can hike up to the top of the falls or take a boat cruise to bottom of the falls along with amazing sightings of wildlife in the park such as hippos, Nile crocodiles, water birds, buffalos, elephants, giraffes, heartbeat and predators like lion, leopard and hyena.

Sempaya hot springs- Semuliki Valley national park

The Sempaya both male and female hot springs are dominated by boiling geysers with healing waters that will soothe skin diseases and sickness when you soak in there. Many visitors return from hiking and game drives hungry and can’t resist feasting on boiled banana, eggs, cassava, and sweet potatoes. The nature walk to these hot springs goes through the tropical forest of semuliki. Visitors can view primates such as red colobus monkey, red tailed monkey, blue monkey, chimps and also spot birds, plants, flowers, butterflies and insects. An ancient tree house provides panoramic views of the forest.

Semuliki valley national park is a unique park being an extension of Ituri the Cong basin rainforests and river semuliki a version of Congo River. The park has central African wildlife species that are not found anywhere in Eastern Africa. It’s famous for birding tours with birders looking for special Congo forest biome birds like piping hornbills, red-billed dwarf hornbill, including 50 species of Congo guinea fowls.

Colorful Equatorial sunsets and sunrises

Uganda is located astride the equator and with a combination of mountains, fresh water lakes and rivers, savannah, rainforest lead to creation of spectacular sunsets with all colors. Expect to see beautiful and refreshing sunsets or sunrises on a safari. Some of the best places for sunsets in Uganda include Jinja on River Nile, Sesse islands, Murchison falls national park and Lake Mburo national park, on a boat cruise you can see equatorial sunsets reflect on the waters.

Rafting on River Nile

River Nile the longest in the world boosts rapids of all classes from grade five to grade one provide excellent white rafting opportunities for both hard core and amateur adrenaline adventure lovers. visit Jinja on a safari, you’ll find plenty of adventures including speed jet bats, boat cruises, horseback riding through Nile valley, bungee jumping, quad biking, mountain biking, swimming. You explore the city of Jinja and its old Indian architecture, cool fresh air, chill and relax with Nile beer or juice in one of the bars, restaurants, riverside lodges, camp, and guest houses. Whether you’re backpacking, on budget or luxury, Jinja is the best destination for weekend holiday.

Equator Crossing

In the whole world, there are 13 countries where the equator line (zero latitudes) passes through. Uganda is blessed to be one of them and the Ugandan equator crossing experience creates amazing Uganda safari memories with photos of you standing in northern and southern hemispheres. Being located in Kayabwe, Mpigi district along the Masaka-Kampala high way just 11/2 hours drive from Kampala city, the equator crossing makes a good stopover for many visitors on a trip to south western Uganda. Before heading off, enter the shops for coffee and craft products.

Traditional Ugandan Rural life

Ugandans are renowned world wide as the friendliest people. Uganda has ethnic diversity of more than 55 tribes, each with their unique traditional culture. The best way to experience the local life is visit villages or visit a home stay such as Nshenyi in western Uganda.