Car hire business in Uganda has become so popular as very many travelers both residents and visitors rent cars for different travel reasons namely safari tours, business trip, visiting family and friends, weekend vacations and political meetings. Car hire in Uganda has benefited most of these different travelers as it is convenient, reliable, safe and comfortable. However, not all people that rent cars in Uganda have a good ride and this is because they do not follow the right procedures of hiring a 4×4 cars.

We here to make everything right for the travelers by bring them the steps taken to hire a 4×4 rental car in Uganda:

Look around the internet and select rental companies with ideal services

After making the decision to hire a car in Uganda for your travel, you go shopping at the internet. Online searching for rental cars is the best way of getting the best services. Get to Google and type in 4×4 car hire in Uganda and various websites will be displayed. Try to read through what they offer for their customers. Choose a few of them that you think can fulfill your interests and demands.

Make an inquiry for car rental services

The websites have emails that are normally at the top corner of the front page, make a request of your car hire demands to these various car hire companies that you chose and wait for their replies. While making an inquiry, it is best to disclose your nature of travel, the number of people you are willing to travel with and also the range of budget that will suit your pockets.

Select the best rental company of your choice to do business with

From the replies you get from the car rental companies, get one with best offer and services that can suit the nature of your travel and budget. If you have any questions to ask like insurance, travel and driving information in Uganda. You should also ask them the requirements needed to rent a car in Uganda. You should also ask for the actual price quotation of the car rental services.

Make a confirmation of the car rental services

If everything is discussed and agreed upon confirm to the car hire company that you will be taking their services. This is done by telling them where you will be meeting and date for the delivery at the beginning of the rental and the pick up at the end of the rental. You should pick a place of your convenience that is the airport, home, hotel or any other place of convenience. For the case of the airport, you must give in your flight details so that the rental company gets to know the time you will be arriving. Note that some companies ask for initial deposit of money for the car rental to guarantee them that you are really taking up the rental car.

On the ground

Meet the delivery boy

On the day of starting your rental expedition, a rental car is dropped to you by the delivery boy of the car rental company. If already in Uganda, the delivery boy will contact you to let you that he is dropping the car for you. In case you want it at the airport, he is always with an airport sign post under your name at the arrival terminal. When you meet the delivery boy, you do some introductions and then get to the car.

Inspect the rental car/ company personnel

Upon reaching the car, the first thing to do is to check the car both its mechanical and physical conditions. This makes you know the condition the car is in so that you are not blamed for anything when you come back from the expedition. It is best to take photos of the car.

Read through the car rental agreement

A car rental agreement is a black and white printed paper that describes what the car rental is all above. This indicates the terms and conditions on which the traveler is renting the car and also explains the car rental insurance and the hirers obligations while using the rental car. it is best to read this agreement thoroughly and understand it because if you violate any term in it, you are likely to pay a premium fine.

Presenting driving license and identification to the delivery boy/ company personnel

The driving license and identification are a must. In case you do fail to present them, there is no way the rental car company will allow take their car. The company personnel takes photocopies of the latter documents or takes photos of them if you do not have photocopies.

Finally make the payment of the car rental which must be made in acceptable foreign currencies in Uganda or Uganda shillings and then you are good to go.