It’s always good to go on a safari and come back when satisfied, however this can be achieved when well prepared and in advance. If you are going for a safari to Uganda on a self-drive, it’s better to book a comfortable and effective vehicle that’s a Rav4. Rav4’s are one of the comfortable and most hired vehicles on a safari to Uganda, so you are advised to book it in advance do avoid disappointments of last minutes booking especially in the high season mostly in the months of June to October and December to march. So when you book your car in time, it will give you the opportunity to book your right best rav4 car for your self-drive. Remember we have rav4 single door and a 2 door vehicle, so it will depend on which one you want, we will reserve it for you. It can accommodate 2-4 people with enough space for luggage. It can navigate even in the tough roads because it’s a 4 wheel drive. However before booking it, get to know your destination, number of days and the people you want to travel with, so this will give you a better plan.

if you are going to use it within the  city, you may not need  a 4×4 wheel, unless you are travelling up country  and in very remote areas.  Uganda self drive offers a wide range of cars for all Seasons. You should know that African weather is unpredictable; the climate can change at any time. During the wet seasons especially in the month of March, April, May the roads are tough especially in the remote areas are dirty and slippery. So, it’s better to use a 4WD and it can still be done well on dry dust roads. When using a rav4, you should not get concerned may be about the weather; it can deal with any kind of weather you have got a real car hire company which will give you the best.

When you are planning to travel, the first thing to confirm is how much the whole safari will cost, so everyone is aiming at travelling at Low Prices, so arav4 can guarantee you this especially if you’re on self-drive tour. Always have your day trips at very cheap price with a rented Rav4.  A rav4 costs usd50 per day excludes fuel, so you are free to reach wherever you want with your car because it is unlimited mileage. That’s a very low price and on top of that it also serves million dollars worthy comfort, effectiveness, safety and time. So do not spend high on big cars yet this sedan car can give you equally the same. Not only being cheap but a Rav4 is manageable. It is a smaller car so it’s easy to pack, very light and has a comfortable steering wheel. All these features make the Rav4 very easy to manage and drive.

In terms of fuel economization, a rav4 does it better; the car is a good fuel economy as compared to many of the other 4×4 cars. It consumes less fuel; it has got a friendly fuel tank for you hence this makes it better to spend less on the whole.

The Rav4 is one of the most stylish cars on the road. Its physical look is very charming with beautiful sport lights. It is built with comfortable seats that are modifiable; you can adjust your seat and have small nap on your trip. It has enough space for luggage’s space where you can put a maximum of 4 big bags.

It has got air conditioning; if you want to play music it has got an option for a flash player, CD player, bottle holders. Just hire this car for a memorable trip to Uganda.